Azienda agricola Agriturismo Poggio alla Farnia

The production

The farm is extended for roughly 10 hectares situated on the first part of the hills of pisa that are exposed to the sun; the soil is of clay origin, red earth mixed with round gravel and river rubble. The position and typology of the soil are the main characteristics that give life to excellent vineyards and olive tree groves.

The farm mainly produces wine and oil; the “red vineyard” derives from a mix of San Giovese of Montepulciano grapes, to cannaiolo, ciliegiolo, colorino and malvasia. The white vineyard is made up of malvasia and trebbiano.
The wine making is still made like the local tradition wants with the fermentation of the vinasse and after eight days the famous rule to finish the fermentation.

The oil produced in the farm is all hand picked, the olives fall into nets so that they do not touch the ground; the olives are holly oak, and naturally pendular.
The squeezing out of the oil is made when it is cold with the old systems, the acidity is excellent and is mostly used raw and for bruschetta… there is nothing better than tasting some bread with oil in the wait for your first meal.

The vegetale garden produces artichokes, tomatoes, and other vegetables, in addition there is also a good production of potatoes, that cooked by Paola drive one crazy and are asked by everyone.

The bees produce honey of acacia, erica, girasole and mille fiori. 
From the vinasse of our grapes a delicate white grappa is condensed, that gives basis to origins of flavored grappa.
The henhouse guarantees eggs and chickens.